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When news broke that a giant squid has been captured on film for first time in the human history by scientists in Pacific Ocean, We can't help but to wonder what would be its equivalent weight in giant gobstopper? If you remember the Kraken - based on the myth of the giant squid - in the film Pirates of Caribbean you’ll know it swallowed the pirate ship the Black Pearl and Captain Jack Sparrow in one go (yummy:). But just how big this elusive and mythic animal actually is! We know that’s the question on your lips too since we have to wait few days for the premier (Discovery Channel’s Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real premieres on Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 10/9c as the season finale of Curiosity.) Sometimes it’s hard to image the sheer size of these creatures, but when you suddenly think about it in terms of gobstopper it becomes really easy to get a sense of scale. (Ok just us then?!)

Kraken - Legend of Giant SquidImage Source: Disney

Wikipedia says a giant squid could grow to up to 13 metres and if you’ve eaten a gobstopper you’ll know it will take a few to fill that kind of size. And then what about a blue whale, or a mammoth? You can see where this is leading.  So in the end to put you all out of your misery we've generated this awesome infographic to illustrate the sheer scale of those natural giants in a fun and easy-to-understand way. And do you know what we have discovered? The Giant squid is not that giant after all (not that it won’t be able to sallow Captain Jake or me in whole, sigh)!

How Big Is Giant Squid - Infographic - The Gobstopper

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